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Hanging cabin system VKH13, without supporting feet. This solution makes cleaning extremely easy (Image 1). Corner cubicle with welded cover giving the unit optimum stability.

Quick lock closure system made of silver covered plastic with stainless steel bar and anodised aluminium lock plate that gives the lock area extra strength and effectively prevents it from coming loose (Image 2). Stainless steel rising strip with high-efficiency polymer inserts. These inserts ensure that maintenance is never needed and that the doors close silently. The parts never wear out or show signs of fatigue, ensuring that the doors close perfectly even after years of use. Stainless steel tapping screws are used to screw the stainless steel strips to a plate equipped with tapping holes. Silver covered plastic knob on the outside of the cubicle with free/ occupied display. A hex socket is built in for opening the door in an emergency. The knob is suitable for all applications and designs.

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