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S20 cloakroom combines safety requirements in the changing area with robust stability under heavy loads and appealing design for attractive layouts in various situations. This makes it perfectly suited for all areas of application such as swimming pools, sports halls, schools and commercial changing areas.

(Image 2) Single sided bench with rail carrying cloakroom hooks. Bench made of 20mm solid core panels, seat back made of 13mm solid core panels, available up to a length of 2500mm without joints. Rounded corners and edges that are comfortable to touch and avoid any accidents. (Image 3). Wall hung bench with wall hung hook rail. This is a very easy to clean solution, it does require a high stability and bearing strength of the brickwork and wall.

Double sided bench (Image 1) with a rail carrying cloakroom hooks running around the top.

Cloakroom hook rail made of round aluminium tubing, with triple safety hooks. The hooks are fixed behind the rail, so that no parts are over-hanging. (Image 4). Double sided bench with hook rail and back-rest.